We’ve talked about food waste before – but feel like it’s worth mentioning again. Restaurants and Grocery stores across the United States have been looking into this problem and contemplating solutions. Do you realize that 40% of food is wasted in the US? That is extreme, and unacceptable. And, that’s why we love finding articles […]

The earth is 70% water, yet, not everyone has access to clean water, and we’re continually polluting the clean water we do have. “For a long time we’ve cultivated this idea that the ocean is a kind of waste swimming pool where we throw everything we don’t want. This needs to change,” said Jose Graziano […]

What is Construction Debris Anyway? The short answer is, construction debris is all the solid waste (uncontaminated) that comes from a construction project, remodeling project, demolition and repairs of utilities, roads and other structures. There are a variety of different waste that can be labeled construction debris. Some examples are included below: Rock/Concrete/Brick/Block Soil Wood […]