Valentine’s Day recycling tips are necessary for some. A lot of us are enjoying this beautiful day with the people we love. Others are reminded of heartbreak. Here are some tips to keep the earth green on one of the biggest trash days of the years.

Step 1. Get a gift that is environmentally friendly. Like Burt’s Bees. It’s organic and who doesn’t love Burt’s bees?

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Step 2. If you’re mourning heartbreak on Valentine’s Day, please do not burn mementos from your past love in the fireplace. We know you love Clueless and take every opportunity to reference this movie in your daily life, but it would release toxic gases! We know it’s not as cleansing as burning old memories but it’s better for the earth to recycle instead, or throw them away into one of our dumpsters.

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Step 3. Make your own card! It’s easy, thoughtful and you can even make references to your favorite Simpsons character, Ralph. This is environmentally friendly and creative. 

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Step 4. Recycle everything you can. If it’s cards you don’t want to keep, that’s paper recycling. If it’s candy you don’t want to keep, that’s a gift for us. Either way, the goal is to divert as much waste from landfills as possible. Do your part and together we can make Valentine’s day greener.

These are our ideas for keeping V-day green, let us know how you helped the earth today? We also accept embarrassing Valentine’s day stories or, as we mentioned previously, candy.

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