Every spring I find myself coming back to this checklist. So, I figured I’d share it with you. I’ve been using this Martha Stewart Checklist since 2008 and it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s a great tool to print out and keep with you for quick reference.

Now that you have the list, here are a few tips to make spring cleaning go faster.

  1. Clean top to bottom, left to right – This keeps the dust where it’s supposed to be. Think about it. If you clean a desk, then dust the shelf above it, that shelf dust will fall on your freshly cleaned desk. No need to clean things double. 
  2. Clean Ceiling Fixtures – Just like the first rule, this makes sense to do early on in your cleaning. Don’t vacuum your carpet and then clean the ceiling fan or chandelier. Remember, Top to bottom, left to right.
  3. Check your Refrigerator – Over time, your refrigerator coils build up dust. Go at it with a brush and a vacuum. This will keep your refrigerator from overheating.
Check the list, use the tips and you should be done with spring cleaning in no time. Remember, try to recycle or donate everything you can. If you need to really clean up from winter and you have to rent a dumpster, make sure the dumpster recycles your waste.
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