Cardboard is one of the many materials that Cardella Waste recycles. Recycled cardboard can be used for tissue paper, toilet paper, newspaper and more. It is important you recycle your cardboard so it doesn’t add to our already full landfills. To learn more about cardboard recycling, and how we recycle you can read more here. But, cardboard boxes are often your kids favorite part of the delivery (the toy inside- not as interesting!), so why not create a fun project with that box that just delivered your latest Amazon Prime delivery? We bet your son (or daughter) will really enjoy this cardboard recycling project)!

Train-Loving, Car-Racing Kid Project

Most little boys love playing with trains and trucks. Here’s a great craft that serves as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to train tracks and play sets, and offers some great quality time spent with your little boy.

For this simple craft all you will needs are a few items you can find around the house like a cardboard box, some black duck tape, and some fun coloring pages from your child’s favorite car/train characters.

It’s fun to make and even more fun to play with! Your kids will love playing with the cars on top and the trains on the bottom, or wherever their imagination takes them. Maybe even bring the box outside to enjoy this beautiful May weather!

Share your Cardboard Recycling Project with us!

We’d love to see pictures of your finished cardboard recycling trains and truck box once you and your child finish – so be sure to post them on our Facebook page and use the hashtag: #cardboardrecyclingDIY!


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