We live in a world where it’s hard to get kids off their phones, tablets, and iPods long enough to eat a meal, let alone to learn about recycling. Luckily, those of us who value teaching recycling are adapting and making fun, online resources available for kids. We found 4 great online recycling games that teach the importance of recycling in a fun, interactive way. Check them out below!

Recycle This

Recycle This is a game presented by NASA that is all about understanding just how long a plastic bottle or aluminum will sit in a landfill if thrown in the garbage. Kids will use an airbrush tool to sort through waste and send each material into the right bin—paper, plastic, metal, glass or trash. If they send the wrong item to the trash, the right hand side of the screen will show how long it sits in a landfill compared to apples, old socks and other garbage items. There are four levels of play so its great for kids of all ages!

Schoolyard Recycling

The game Schoolyard Recycling, presented by ScienceKids.org, is similar to Recycle This in that it has your child sort through different types of materials. Players are timed as a tube releases different materials like light bubs, paper, and banana peels. The goal of the game is to separate garbage, recyclables and compost into different containers.

Trey’s Green Life

Trey’s Green Life consists of an interactive walkthrough of Trey’s day that’s full of energy-saving and recycling tips. This is great for kids who love to read. The walkthrough brushes on topics like water conservation, eating locally, biking to school, and saving energy.

Recycle City

Recycle City is an interactive map presented by the Environmental Protection Agency. One aspect of the city, which used to be called “Dumptown” is the Dumptown Game. Kids will serve as city managers who’s mission is to turn Dumptown into the greener, Recycle City. This game requires Adobe Shockwave Player and is better suited for middle school aged children due to the aspect of finances.

So there you have it: Four recycling games to get your kids learning about recycling. Who knows? Maybe once they’re done playing these recycling games they may go run around outside… and then recycle their plastic water bottles!

Or, want to teach your kids about recycling without technology? Check out our blog Summer Recycling Tips for Kids from this past August to get some ideas.


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