Hudson Yards Waste Management NYC

Did you know that NYC only recycles or composts 29% of it’s trash!? Cities like San Francisco & Portland, OR recycle or compost as much as 70% of their trash. That means NYC has a long way to go to being green!

Here at Cardella, we are proud to be part of the movement to increase the amount of trash that is recycled in NYC. How do we do that? Every dumpster load we take out of the city from construction projects to commercial waste is recycled at our facility.

We are also one of the only waste management companies to offer a wall board recycling program where we have recovered over 7,000 tons of wall board to be processed back into full sheets of wall board.

Do you live or work in NYC? Start making a conscious decision to recycle and compost your waste. We all want a greener tomorrow, don’t we?

And, the best part? The more recycling we do, the more local jobs we create! So, by recycling, you’re not only helping to keep the planet green, you’re also helping the economy. It’s a win-win for us all.


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