Wood Recycling by Cardella Waste

Manufacturing plants often have wood waste. The good news is that recycled wood has many uses. When it cannot be repurposed in the form it is in, it can be collected and made into wood chips, mulches or compost, animal bedding and engineered wood (chipboard and fiberboard).

Recycled wood is often in demand because it’s moisture content is much lower than new wood (around 20% vs. 60-70%). 

An important thing to keep in mind is that wood may have contaminants on it – which could affect how the wood is recycled, and it is important that companies take note of this.

We recently saw an interesting article from our neighbors across the pond, which we thought was unique and worth a share when talking about wood recycling.

In this case, the wood they are recycling isn’t actually man-made waste, it’s nature-made.

Check out how the Manx Wildlife Trust is creating useful garden items (panels and bundles) from the branches taken down to clear trees in order to promote their growth. The panels are a great way to hide things in your landscape (air conditioner units, oil tanks, garbage cans) and the bundles make good packing for horse jumps. They aren’t shipping these over to the US, but it’s great to see what is being done to preserve and protect the environment globally?

Do you know about another company that has recycling at the core of it’s mission? Or, are they offering something unique? We’d love to hear what you know!


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