Food Waste
We’ve talked about food waste before – but feel like it’s worth mentioning again. Restaurants and Grocery stores across the United States have been looking into this problem and contemplating solutions.

Do you realize that 40% of food is wasted in the US?

That is extreme, and unacceptable.

And, that’s why we love finding articles like this one, where the author talks about how he asks for some of his waste (bones, seafood shells) which he then cleans and uses for homemade stocks at home. Would you have ever thought of doing that?

It makes you wonder what you can do to reduce your waste, right? Especially since almost 85 percent of all food waste happens in homes or consumer-facing businesses, such as restaurants, retail grocers and institution cafeterias.

We loved learning that some of the world’s largest hotel chains are trying to combat this issue as well, by re-thinking menus to try and prevent food from ending up in the trash – since no chef wants to see food wasted.

Think about this fact:

About a third of food produced around the world is never eaten because it is spoiled after harvest and during transportation, or thrown away by shops and consumers. Yet almost 800 million people worldwide go to bed hungry every night, according to United Nations figures.

Last month we talked about water how to keep our oceans clean, and how recycling it could provide us with more of it. Just like water, food is a necessity for survival, and it’s amazing how much of it we throw out.

What can you do to make a difference in your waste? Are you going to be more conscious of what you are throwing out? We’re thinking we may get a composter for our backyard…


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