Moving can be stressful for everyone involved. In our line of work, we have seen families and couples meltdown mid move. So we wrote up 5 things you need to know before moving. It will make your experiences more relaxed and less of a chore.

  1.  Hire an established mover with a great track record.
    Getting listed early on Google search doesn’t mean someone is the best. The key to finding a good mover are reviews, endorsements, and a clean track record. Ask around before committing to anyone.
  2. Meet your mover.
    Have your potential mover come to your home before quoting you. Anyone that is quoting you without seeing your home should be avoided. Think about it, how would they know what to charge you before looking at your home?
  3. Get it weighed.
    Ask your mover for the receipt they get at the weigh station to know the exact amount you should be charged for. It takes the guess work out of the calculations and keeps everyone on the same page.
  4. Clearly define your delivery schedule. Prepare to be flexible.
    Know when your stuff is meant to be delivered and be there to receive your movers. You want to avoid a loud truck double parked on your block. Not a good way to welcome yourself to your new neighborhood.
  5. Rent a dumpster that recycles.
    Many moves create a lot of waste and garbage. Rent a dumpster that recycles what you don’t want to keep. Most dumpster services just dump your waste into the landfill. Companies like actually recycle the majority of your waste. It’s a greener solution to the waste you make when moving.

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