We all know the past decade hasn’t been the best for job growth. The construction industry, which we do a lot of work in, lost a whopping 2.1 million jobs between 2007 and 2010. But, as our economy begins to move out of the recession many industries, like construction, which took a beating are starting […]

A couple months ago the Washington Post wrote an article about the state of the construction industry, providing interesting details, statistics and predictions for where it is heading through 2022. We thought we’d make it easy to consume some of the important facts from this article, by creating an infographic that lays out the details […]

Cardella Waste Services love this infographic. But before we get into why we love it, we need to thank the folks over at Rock and Dirt. They created this informative and entertaining graphic and built a heavy equipment marketplace too. Tip of the construction worker safety hat to you. Photo: Walt Stoneburner, Model: Katie Eaton. […]