At Cardella Waste Services, we’re concerned about the sizable environmental issues we all face. As a waste management company, we feel a heightened responsibility to provide tangible solutions in our areas of expertise. We partner with many of the larger New York and New Jersey metropolitan area construction projects that are now building ‘green’ by following LEED requirements for earth-friendly buildings.

We tracked all of the waste from these high performance, sustainable building projects and sent it to our materials recovery facility for processing.

Recycling provides a significant contribution to a healthier environment on several levels. It leads to fewer landfills and to improvements in air quality by keeping waste out of incinerators. Plus, the manufacture of recycled goods into finished product uses less energy to produce than did its original product, while eliminating the need to extract raw goods from the earth.

Recycling also boosts the economy with the creation of a new workforce of green collar jobs. A study by the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) of the 10 Northeast states from Delaware and north, found 206,000 people employed in the recycling and reuse industries, with $6.8 billion in annual payrolls and $44 billion in annual revenues. We’re pleased to be a part of this.

There are many interesting products made from recycled materials. 
Our favorite from those to whom we direct source, is a line of furniture made from recycled wood. You can find tables, benches, lamps and more at Scrapile, a New York City based company.