At Cardella, we’re concerned about urgent environmental issues. That’s why we’ve diversified our services to offer wood recycling to our NY/NJ residential, commercial and construction customers. We recycle trees, branches, wood chips, pallets and untreated lumber at our huge New Jersey materials recovery plant, and then we send salvageable wood pieces to eco-friendly manufacturers. Our manufacturing partners repurpose your old wood to create things like wood pellet fuel, which is a cutting-edge, green alternative to fossil fuels.

Ready to partner with us in protecting the ecosystem? Contact a Cardella representative today to schedule a pick-up or receive a detailed price quote. Our recycling experts are also happy to discuss how your New York or New Jersey facility will benefit from refining its green practices and developing a full-scale recycling program.

Recycled wood can be used for:

  • Mulch for landscaping
  • Burned as fuel
  • Furniture